Franchise Consultant Names Dumpster Rental Franchises as Prime Opportunity

The dumpster rental industry in the US has been named a prime opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to generate profits without hiring many employees. This was highlighted by Jon Ostenson in a recent podcast, where he talked about the potential of the dumpster rental industry and why it’s worth considering as a business opportunity.

Jon Ostenson is a highly respected figure in the franchise industry. As the CEO of FranBridge Consulting, he has a wealth of experience as a former Inc. 500 Franchise President. Jon is also a published author, with his book ‘Non-Food Franchising’, and is a regular contributor on franchising topics.

Jon Ostenson highlighted that the dumpster rental industry is a profitable business opportunity due to the high demand for waste management services. The industry has a low overhead cost and a high-profit margin, making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs looking to invest in a low-risk business. Another benefit mentioned is that dumpster rental businesses require minimal staff, which reduces labor costs, and the business model is relatively easy to scale. With labor being one of the biggest overheads business owners can encounter, minimal staff presents itself as an enticing benefit to the dumpster rental industry.

Poised for Growth

VaVia is a franchise perfectly positioned to take advantage of the potential growth in the dumpster rental industry. The brand’s commitment to providing modern, customer-centric, tech-driven waste disposal solutions has already set it apart from competitors in the industry. Furthermore, VaVia offers a turn-key business model, comprehensive business resources, and ongoing support and training to its franchisees. These resources make it easier for entrepreneurs to start and grow a dumpster rental business.

Now is an excellent time to invest in a VaVia franchise, as the dumpster rental industry is expected to continue growing. According to data from IBISWorld, the industry is expected to increase by 2.1% in 2023, with a market size of $517.4 million. This growth presents a significant opportunity for VaVia franchisees to expand their business and increase profit potential.

Moreover, VaVia has already built a strong brand name and reputation in the industry, which can help franchisees attract customers more easily. By franchising with VaVia, entrepreneurs can leverage the brand’s existing recognition and trust to build their business. With a proven business model and a recognizable brand, VaVia is an excellent investment opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to break into the lucrative dumpster rental industry.

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VaVia Dumpster Rentals is a franchise perfectly positioned to take advantage of a high-demand industry, with a proven business model, comprehensive resources, and ongoing support and training. For entrepreneurs looking to invest in a low-risk business with the potential for high returns, franchising with VaVia is an excellent option to consider. To learn more about this prime business opportunity, fill out our form on the VaVia website. A member of our franchise team will be in touch with more information about the VaVia franchise opportunity and to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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