We founded VaVia because we saw an exciting opportunity to serve an unfulfilled need in the waste disposal business. About eight years ago, Phillip and his wife, Dana, founded the premium fashion brand, Peter Nappi. While enjoying and succeeding in the business, Phillip remained connected and ultimately returned “home” to the disposal and recycling industry – an industry in which he previously spent two decades.

With his new perspective, Phillip was able to spot the need for smaller trucks and containers in the roll-off business. Contractors needed more trucks that could navigate tight spaces and containers that could address new jobsite requirements. They also desired a higher level of service – an increased value that Phillip was accustomed to delivering to them in the past. In all of this, he also saw the opportunity to use technology for a smart, easy and polished solution for small contractors and residential customers.

Around this same time, John Crawford had moved to Alabama from Florida where he and a business partner had grown a small single-state business into a national enterprise. Once arriving at his new Birmingham home, he ended up with a garage full of items to dispose of. New to the area, he didn’t know where to start. Were there any small containers available? What about a local waste or recycling facility? He ended up loading everything in his Tahoe (not the vehicle for the job!) and drove thirty minutes one way, six different times to get rid of all of his unwanted items. There had to be a better way. If there wasn’t, there should be.

Phillip and John happened to meet and started talking. They agreed: the waste disposal business needed a new solution.

Given their business savvy, they knew that brand integrity, transparency, and convenience were vital. People needed to know who to call when they had materials to get rid of, and the call—or click—had to be quick and easy.

The company’s response had to be fast, cheerful, and reliable. To deliver this service, the rough edges had to be polished off the traditional waste disposal industry, especially for the customers they envisioned serving: homeowners, small businesses, and contractors running small projects.

Along the way, Phillip had reached out to his previous business partner, Mike Ampe. Together they had grown their business to become the largest independent hauler and recycler in the southeast. Prior to this, Mike had successfully built franchise businesses in a technology market. It wasn’t long before all of the pieces fit into place and VaVia was born, providing short term rental of 10- and 15-yard waste containers with the click of a button.

Our goal is to be a household name and a nationwide leader in the small-haul disposal business. We imagine a trusted community of franchises that work together and exchange ideas, but are locally owned, with teams that are involved and committed members of their own community.

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